EXT Winter Toy Donation

EXT Winter toy donation  for Operation Breakthrough

On December 23rd EXT helped donate and deliver four packed minivans worth of toys, puzzles and games to Operation Breakthrough in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

Operation Breakthrough is a non-profit center providing “child care for children for the working poor”. And “center” it is – providing quality child care along with meals, educational programs, pediatric health services, as well as providing support services for the parents of the children. Operation Breakthrough serves 600 children daily.

Many thanks to Lee and Patrice for helping us get our loads of toys and games through the lobby, and also for helping us as we parked many times over the allotted 15 minute stay in the “drop off” area- for a great cause!
More about this wonderful organization can be found at their website: http://www.operationbreakthrough.org