• In-House Sheet Extrusion

    Quality plastic sheet is at the heart of all that we do.

    In-House Sheet Extrusion
  • Our Customers Demand the Best

    EXT thermoforms this heavy duty hood from color-matched ABS that is CNC’d for precise trim and consistent quality.

    Our Customers Demand the Best
  • Heavy Gauge Covers

    EXT thermoforms heavy gauge parts with flame resistant additives that are used in the black hydraulic lift covers pictured here; replacing painted metal for both cost and weight savings.

    Heavy Gauge Covers
  • Refrigeration Grill Cover

    Using prime High Impact Polystyrene, EXT produces this highly visible, CNC-routed exterior component for refrigeration.

    Refrigeration Grill Cover
  • Lawn and Garden

    We produce this cover from in-house extruded haircell polyethylene. The finished component requires a highly contoured CNC trim incorporating high quality trim fixtures due to the part’s inherent flex.

    Lawn and Garden
  • Pressure Forming

    Our pressure-formed parts allow for molded textures, sharp details and undercuts as can be seen in this electronic enclosure component. Many features most often associated with injection molding can be formed at a fraction of the tooling cost.

    Pressure Forming
  • Merchandising and Display

    This large kiosk front represents another key market for EXT. From structural vending machine components to highly aesthetic displays, we take pride in supporting our customers’ product delivery and presentation.

    Merchandising and Display
  • Thermoformed Distortion Graphics

    Thermoformed, distortion-printed graphics create high impact, eye catching opportunities for both temporary and permanent displays.

    Thermoformed Distortion Graphics

Since 1974, EXT, Inc. has been producing quality plastic products for a wide range of industries. Customer focus and commitment to quality are the driving forces behind our success. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.