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Capabilities Overview

EXT manufactures parts utilizing standard thermoforming or vacuum forming, and also pressure- forming during which up to an additional 120 psi of air pressure forces plastic sheet against the mold for more detailed parts. With pressure forming we can create parts with mold specific textures or logos, multi-textured surfaces, exacting angles and closer tolerances. In addition to forming products out of sheet materials extruded in–house, EXT forms many products of PETG, PVC, polycarbonate and Kydex.


Quality thermoformed parts begin with a detailed understanding of our customers’ requirements, proper material selection, and design that maximizes the desired part characteristics using our process. Our engineering expertise is extensive and we can assist your company in the complete design of products, conversion of your part design from another process or basic material, or part refinement to assist in production. A thorough understanding of your parts’ requirements and their environments, which EXT often incorporates into part specific Failure Mode and Effects Analyses (FMEA’s), helps insure that your requirements are met consistently.

After 3D renderings are approved by our customers, patterns are typically CNC’d using Solidworks CAD/CAM machining software. At this stage prototype parts can be produced or the patterns can be sent directly to casting. The vast majority of production tools at EXT are made from cast aluminum and are water cooled. These water cooled tools allow for temperature control of the parts during production which is essential for quality and efficient production. These cast tools are very durable and last many years.


Part quality at EXT is monitored from the moment plastic resins enter the building. From plastic pellet to finished product we monitor your parts’ quality. Our QA system incorporates production documents and quality checks at every stage in the manufacturing process. Everyone at our company understands that quality is their job and integral to the success of our company. Copies of our complete quality manual are available upon request.

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